Being the Speech delivered by the Emperor of Joint Minds Club Ospoly, Iree chapter

Being the Speech delivered by the Emperor of Joint Minds Club Ospoly, Iree chapter.


The lead Doyen, Family system board chairman, The Club Council, Chairperson, Emperors, Empresses, JM Members, Lemperor’s, Lempress’s, LJMs, L High Commissioners, L Deputy   High Commissioners, LJMAs, Club Head Present all other protocol are duly and accurately observed.

I consider it worthwhile to extend my heartfelt doxology to no other one than the most high who in all ramifications has proven to be the most faithful, the one who was, who is and who is to come, the alpha and the omega, Almighty God who began the journey with us and sees us till the end of the 2018/2019 tenure successfully, It is important to register that the journey was indeed filled with diverse experiences, however, we are of the conviction that our lessons in the various happenings is preparing our minds and fortifying us for the tasks ahead of campus, I wish to appreciate all my board members for their unflinching and unrelenting support, I wish to specially appreciate my amiable and ebullient Empress Miss Waheed Olaide for the cooperation which I enjoyed from her over the time, I should not forget to acknowledge the progressive roles played to redefine the club by the High commissioner, Deputy High commissioner and all JMs JMAs, an assertion that you’re the silent force of progress, is indeed an axiomatic fact that cannot be disputed, we have all proven to be co-travellers in the mission to build a better and working joint minds club,special thanks to all LJMs for support and assistance for the success the induction, LJM Shyna, thank you sir. I cannot continue to mention the names of individuals.

More so, I cannot but appreciate the Club’s Patron, Matron of the Club, the Club adviser. We cannot but note the commitment and sacrifices of a father, this father in his magnanimity organized a Get-together party for the members of the club where our mantra of “one love” was further expressed practicably, in the face of this objective reality, we should state that the tenure owes many of his success stories to that father who by name is Alhaji Olaore, for he derives so much joy from the success of the club, this list will remained incomplete if I fail to recognize the unalloyed and indefatigable support of our Club Adviser, Mr Oriowo for making it possible for us to reinstate Koko campus to the club among his other contributions to the success of the club. The impact of the Dean of faculty of financial Studies Dr. Olaleye cannot be overemphasized, his contributions are also key in building a Joint minds club which we all could be proud of in Ospoly Iree, And to our ever-loving, ever caring and understanding mother in the department who doubles as the HOD of the department, your moral supports is material to the total transformation of the club, May God Almighty continue to uphold you ma.

There is a popular saying that “the trick to a successful life is not hanging on the past, it is just learning from it” In the light of this, we ensured that we achieve our planned programs and projects, the achievements for Joint Minds Club Set18 are highlighted below.

Opening of club Account

Renewing of Club registration on Campus

—  Annual Seminar in conjunction with Sterling Bank Plc. and Horizon Computer learning.

Organized a Get-together party to promote the spirit of one love

Participate in  ACCA seminar at Oshogbo.

Workshop training for the members.

=Reinstatement of Koko Campus back to the Club.

Members of Club winning Election into positions at Faculty and Departmental level.

New Collarette

Issuing of ID card for all members as a means of Identification.

The club also enjoyed love and acceptance from a different group of people and corporate bodies.

In conclusion, challenges are opportunities that disguised in the facade of difficulties, they test our resolve, patience, commitment and challenge our daring spirit.

In my candid opinion, I should restate for the incoming set that they should see the strength and opportunities from every challenge confronted by them.

These things are new, these things are old, they have been the silent force of progress over the years, for the values with which your success depends are perseverance, hardworking, fellowship, truthfulness, integrity and honesty. Break limits too, Great men have always proved others wrong through beautiful ideas and has made a place for themselves in the world map.

Long-life Osun state

Long-life Iree

Long-life Osun state polytechnic

Long-life Joint minds club.

God bless you all.

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