Bill Gates Says Over 80% Of World Population Will Need To Take Coronavirus Vaccine










Gates says coronavirus may continue to kill people if a majority believe there’s an evil intention behind vaccines.

American Billionaire, Bill Gates, Says Over 80% Of The Global Population Would Have To Take A Vaccine For The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) For It To Work As A Solution To The Pandemic.

Since the novel disease was detected in China in December 2019, over 6.7 million people have been infected across the world, with nearly 400,000 dead.

Over 3.2 million people have also recovered from infection, but that’s due mostly to medical treatment used to aid immune system of patients to fight the disease.


Many governments and organisations all over the world have for months been engaged on vaccines to considerably put an finish to the unfold of the illness, however there isn’t any particular timeline on when that aim will probably be achieved.

Gates, the founding father of Microsoft, has been the goal of many conspiracy theories alleging that he has sinister motives behind pushing for vaccines for coronavirus, and different illnesses.

While some conspiracy theorists allege that he wants to use the pretext of the vaccine to inject people with microchips to track them, some others say it’s part of his evil plan to depopulate the world.

Others have suggested that the virus was deliberately unleashed on the world so that people can make money from selling a cure.

Some of the theories have circulated in Nigeria where 11,516 coronavirus cases have been recorded, killing 323 people.










Gates said the theories are harmful to the efforts to save the world from the coronavirus pandemic during an interview with Radio 4 on Thursday, June 4, 2020, according to a report by the Daily Mail.


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