Can Corps members and PCMs Apply for N-power?

After posting guidelines on how to apply for N-power programme, many people have been asking if NYSC members can apply for the programme. This post will provide answers for the question, including whether Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are eligible to apply or not.



However, before we answer the question “Can a Corps member apply for Npower recruitment?” Let’s first look at the purpose of Npower establishment, and its requirements. Because that will help us.

Aim for creating Npower

Npower was created to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria by providing a structure for large scale and relevant skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy.

Npower eligibility (who can apply for Npower programme?)

The Npower programme is designed for all unemployed Nigerian graduates between the age of 18 and 35 years.

Can a Corps member apply for Npower?

Answer: yes, they can apply depending on the category of N-power programme. Please, note that NYSC Discharge Certificate is needed for N-power Teacher Corps, which you do not have yet. So, you cannot apply for that category and others that require National Service Certificate.

However, Corpers are eligible to apply for N-Power Knowledge, N-Power Build, and other categories which do not require NYSC Discharge Certificate.

The same thing is applicable to Prospective Corps Members (PCMs). But as for law, there is no law that forbids NYSC members from submitting their applications.

Our Advice

We can only advise Corps members passing out (POP) date is near to apply for Npower programme. But if your POP is still very far to the point that you cannot meet up, do not apply because you may not be able to combine both NYSC and Npower if selected. So, be patient and enjoy your N33,000 in peace.

For PCMs, if you are hoping to serve very soon, do not apply for Npower because NYSC might post you to a place far from your Npower service area. If you then leave Npower for NYSC, you may not be given a second chance since BVN is to be used only once.

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