Prophet T.B. Joshua: Beauty of Holiness, Radiance of Love

It is never a simple task to dissect a global spiritual personality such as Prophet T.B Joshua. You need to be in a higher ethereal realm or be graciously given the grace to do so.


TB Joshua as fondly called is a prophet of God with uncommon Christian lifestyles.  Such a  being cannot but generate some controversies. By his divine gift and endowment, he operates on a higher pedestal with an incomprehensible yawning spiritual gap between him and his generation.


He is the known but unfathomable divine envoy on earth. He has remained an enigma, a gigantic puzzle, a bundle of God’s inexorable and inexplicable mysteries to which mankind must simply and humbly accept their limitations.

The most persecuted, the most vilified, the most grossly misrepresented and disdainfully maligned in his country of birth, TB Joshua has continued to pray for his adversaries like his Master, Jesus Christ: ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’.


In today’s firmament when Christianity has become a mockery in many quarters, TB Joshua remains a shining light in the darkness and has clearly shown to the world that  “by their fruits, you shall know them”!

One incontrovertible great fact is that The fate of TB Joshua cannot be different from his divine predecessors especially His Master Jesus Christ who out of spiritual blindness, rigidity, ignorance, crude envy, fear and unbridled jealousy was maliciously crucified in the most excruciating and agonizing manner by the same people believed to be the most respectable religious authority of his time. What an irony!


TB Joshua must necessarily drink of that cup and joyfully too because of the grace of his Father.

There is something extraordinarily peculiar to TB Joshua. This is the UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE he radiates like the soothing moonshine in the sky. He cannot be offended. As a human being, I doubt if he can allow any offense with him for five minutes.

It is love without discrimination and this is reflected in his joyful superlative giving, charity, activities, and humanitarian and selfless services.

Unlike some other churches where you will be turned back if not in compliance with their physical and religious appearance standard, TB Joshua is home to everyone. Whether you are a Muslim, pagan, occult groups, lesbian, gay, idol worshippers just name any, TB Joshua is a friend to all.


“ I am interested in the salvation of their souls. Jesus does not hate sinners what he hates is sin. If Jesus came for the salvation of sinners who am I not to welcome sinners in love and bring them to knowing Jesus Christ my Master and our saviour”? He would enthusiastically appear publicly with them like one who has just found a new lover. I could remember when a group of herdsmen in their rusticity visited him. He welcomed them like VIP, sat along with them, and even collected their traditional caravan gourd which they all usually put their mouths in to drink water to also use the same thing to drink the water inside with them!


Because of human spiritual banality and pedestrianism, TB Joshua has oftentimes been maligned with outright chimerical tales and concocted lies by his superficial observers who could not decipher the Spirit of the Father working in him.

“I must necessarily experience all these. Who would I then resemble? Rejoice because every temptation and every situation is meant to draw you closer to God if you have been called by Him and maintain your focus, He would continue to strengthen you because God would never forsake His own”.


To talk of TB Joshua’s God’s endowed towering spiritual power in him is like dipping a cup into the sea to fetch water. The power radiates as he walks or talks with countless diverse healings and miracles beyond human imagination. There was one occasion when armed robbers waving fiery guns and shooting sporadically were operating in the upper street during the church service. The suffocating miasma of their operations extended to the church area. In holy anger, TB Joshua fiercely came out of the service to confront them and collected their guns from them! The armed robbers were reduced to vegetables by the TBJoshua’s superb Holy Spirit power. It is not surprising to find Ogbonis, witch doctors, idol worshippers, psychists, Hindus, just name them – all forms of esoteric practitioners, confessing their sins and surrendering their satanic instruments by the fire of Holy Spirit engulfing them and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in Synagogue Church Of All Nations SCOAN through the God’s nature in TB Joshua.


Nothing is done in secret in SCOAN. Everything is open and transparent. It is not a place of spiritual manipulation. Any wonder then that foreigners are trooping into SCOAN in droves and the church has to be overwhelmingly checkmating requests of intending pilgrims and yet countless others will find their ways to Nigeria through back doors thus causing a lot of embarrassment in the environment beyond the church expectations.


“It is not everybody that can come here,” says the Man of God. “Only those God calls will come here”.

TB Joshua is humility personified. Ordinarily, he is very shy. He is indeed the biblical broken vessel in the hands of God.

TB Joshua has made the physiognomy of Christianity real and Jesus and His mission on earth clearer with a discernible understanding of that narrow path to the Luminous Heights.


One of the most shockingly admirable things in TB Joshua’s life is his in-depth knowledge of the Bible and the words of God. Here is a person who never went to theological school, mentored by anyone, or really educated in the real western sense. Yet he is a teacher of teachers with strikingly penetrating power into your spirit. He opens your eyes and hearts at every teaching with profound spiritual transformation for eternal yearnings in the listeners! It is usually a moment of spiritual rediscovery. You cannot ignore his messages. Simple, non-oratorical, or colorfully/attractively presented, it carries fire and power with uncommon insight and revelations.


You cannot be going to SCOAN and be engaging in sinful lives. TB Joshua will see all you are hiding secretly in your house or any immorality you are committing which you think has been successfully covered. He would compromise indiscipline and immorality. He is stern and firm!


I have several witnessed instances where such members are called out except he doesn’t come across you.

“In this church, you are coming here and you are still living in this sin”? Whatever is saying is confirmed, no quibbling or mincing words as such sinners will immediately fall down crying to Jesus narrating the circumstances that led him or her to it asking for God’s forgiveness. You will be shocked when he exposes all the details of what you did!


SCOAN isn’t a spot for ‘bigmanism’. Whatever you might be from exterior can’t be carried contained in the church. You should be humbled! Have you ever seen the place an enormous man or lady is requested to go and be part of the sanitation group the place they do cleansing or  what you’ll be able to regard as menial jobs? Yes, TB Joshua would let you know: ‘go and be part of them, God will hear your prayers’. In most cases, it’s just like the case of that military General Naman the leper within the Bible who in vanity felt how may he go and wash in a specific river directed him to go by the prophet when there have been different higher rivers he may go. But the grace of God saved him by listening to his servant and ultimately was made complete as he washed himself within the very river.


One essential lesson you study from TB Joshua concerning prayers and fastings is that when they aren’t carried out on the valuable arms of the Holy Spirit it’s balderdash. “ You can pray and preach splendidly. Once you haven’t been adopted by the Holy Spirit, folks could hear you and even clap for you however God won’t hear you. You can name your self born once more however so long as you aren’t adopted by Holy Spirit you might be merely losing your time”.


He has made worshippers in his church notice that your religion should be real, your meditation in God’s Word, and making it the usual follow of their lives as NOT NEGOTIABLE for his or her Christian lives not be a failure and for them to have rewarding religion. To dwell in pure like to all of your neighbors regardless of their faith or who they’re, holding no  offence in opposition to anybody and be a blessing to others for you might be blessed to bless others. “O Lord give me love sufficient to not see the errors of others” is  one of the prayers


Hear the Prophet:

“God cannot entrust you with His power if you do not have UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is because you will begin to use it for the benefits of those you want and then against your enemies. Look at this church, can you see any member of my family holding any positions? It’s God’s church and He knows what to do even when I am no more”!

TB Joshua is not competing with anyone. He has no faculty for looking into the affairs of any other churches or what anyone is doing or saying anywhere. His focus is on God. His only pain is the disunity in the church of Christ.


On several occasions when people from other churches received landmark healings and miracles, he won’t allow them to do any Thanksgiving in SCOAN. He would tell them: “go back to your church and do the Thanksgiving there. We are working as a team. It is the prayers you have been praying in your church that also brought you here. Go and remain in your church and be worshipping there”.


That is TB Joshua for you. He is the embodiment of Jesus  Christ himself. In SCOAN no soliciting for fundraising, sowing seeds, donations, or Thanksgiving. Even the payment of tithes or offering is completely voluntary. “Take your tithes or Thanksgiving money to the needy; look for poor pupils to give scholarship; look for the sick and all others you see in hardship to help. When you do that God will hear your prayers”.


Hear him again:

“Have you ever seen me printing envelopes here asking for donations? No! When God truly  give you an assignments He would also put in the hearts of those that would assist you on the assignments”.

Today TB Joshua has brought back the early church of the apostles with Christian revival for a better understanding of worshippers to worship God in truth and in Spirit.


Speaking with a spiritual elder who prefers anonymity, he said: “There is no other person like him today in the entire world. It’s usually one at a time. He is on God’s mission but unfortunately, God’s design did not permit many who ought to know from recognizing him. Do you think if he is fully recognized in Nigeria there will be any space in Nigeria for other people in the world to come?

Hear him: “You can see he is not establishing branches like others. He has kept absolutely to God’s directives and agenda and not to human opinions.


“God really loves TB Joshua. Some did not know that it was out of God’s concern for him to fulfill his mission that his last prophecy on the American election did not click. If it had clicked there’s every tendency for some people to turn him to God which will affect him. God has brought him for the rise and fall of many. I only pity those in ignorance of his origin and are using their mouths unconsciously to jeopardize their own eternity”.

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